Coffee that brings people together.

Welcome to the Family.

Very smooth and no bitterness at all! From the first cup I’m hooked! They roast it only as you order it so you know it’s fresh! I’ll be joining the monthly club for sure!


When I prepare my morning red beard coffee, the aroma permeates the kitchen it is a rich soothing scent that, when combined with drinking the freshly made and mellow brew, is a mood-elevating experience.


This is such amazing coffee!!! I was given a bag of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe a week ago and just purchased 2 more. I’m excited to try some other kinds that they roast!


This coffee was quite exquisite. Red Beard Roasting has hit it right on the bullseye, roasting it only when you order it, makes the coffee immaculate and fresh. The aroma the coffee was presenting was euphoric and made for a very delightful and peaceful morning.


Their Coffee is excellent (As per my wife). They have prompt service and a distinctive red bearded man, who is very agreeable and magnificently polite. I would 100% recommend their product.


So far I’ve only tried the Papa New Guinea but I love this coffee! It is so fresh and smooth! Can’t wait to try more.


Excellent coffee!!! Tastes way less acidic than other brands. Definitely recommend. Also, shipping was fast!


Wonderful customer service! The coffee is smooth and delicious. One cup won’t be enough!


Who are we?

Many years ago Doug began roasting coffee beans with a stovetop popcorn maker and was hooked from the very first roast. Five years and several roasters later, he decided to expand and take roasting to the next level. In the summer of 2020, that dream turned into reality with Red Beard Roasting. A family owned and operated coffee company.